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About this site

html-css-books   xcept for one line of Javascript to automatically insert de date of modification of chapters, the site has been created using HTML- and CSS-coding only. I expressly avoided using so called WYSIWYG website generators of which there are now so many on the market and promoted with slogans like "build your own site within just a few hours. No need to know anything about HTML" etc.
Well, forget about those "few hours". For some of these generators you need manuals and/or tutorials containing 800 to 1000 pages.
Some are doing their job reasonably well, but most are bad or too limited in moulding the site to your own taste. But above all, these generators produce a coding that in most cases is highly inefficient, very difficult to maintain and with a tendency to mix "content" with "design". In my professional life I have spent a long time in the IT-sector, in many different capacities, but never as a website builder (this site is/was my first by the way). Still I know by now that the mixing up of content and design is something that one should try to avoid.

Earlier versions of this chapter had two sections: "page layout" that described the structure of all pages and a second called "a little history" that had a story on how this site was created with some technical information. It was put in there just for the fun of it.
The page layout should should be clear by now, it's rather straightforward, and we can always discuss technical aspects later if you are interested. If you have questions or any comments: just send me an e-mail.

A word about the contents of the site and its translation into German:
Although by now I'm satisfied enough to publish the site on the internet, there are still many things that need improvement or have to be added. Examples are the descriptions of itineraries and the picture gallery that could use a facelift, adding or replacing pictures, improve quality here and there and overall presentation.
But well, no site is ever finished or perfect. All sites, for one reason or the other, need constant maintenance.

Finally my sincere apologies to the German speaking visitors of this site:

Maybe you have noticed that the German translations do not always follow the English text. This is because all modifications, however small (changing a comma in a dot for example) are always implemented in the English version first and made public as soon as possible. The follow up in German always takes a while, so .... please abide with us.

If you have any questions, criticism and/or suggestions for improvement of the site please contact me at kupe@tiscali.nl. I would be very grateful.

Kurt Perthel, webmaster, October 2010